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UTS at your Service

UTS provides custom software development services in addition to off-the-shelf software products, including desktop and web applications. Customers choose UTS to develop their custom software applications for a number of reasons:

  • Ability to develop a wide variety of applications - from engineering automation to sales configurators to computerized design guides and streamlined workflow.
  • UTS listens well, tuning in to understand the real needs of its customers.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Rapid development schedule - days and weeks rather than months and years.
  • A proven development process that cuts down on development and technology risks.
  • Handling projects that are challenging and difficult for others to undertake.
  • Successful track record.
  • Lower cost.
  • Fixed price contracts that are completed on time.
  • Many companies have old software developed using programming languages like FORTRAN, Pascal, C, C++, etc. They find it difficult to run in the latest versions of Windows and also are interested in enhancing the user interface. UTS is well-versed in adding value to such projects - upgrading features and functionality while modernizing. Quite often this can be done much quicker using TK Solver and Galaxy. UTS can show you how to do it or can do it for you as a service.

Contact UTS for 3D CAD automation service

UTS would be glad to provide customized automation solutions for all popular systems: UG NX, pro/Engineer Creo, CATIA, SolidWorks and AutoCAD 3 D

Product Development Process

UTS has perfected a phased development process that minimizes cost and development risk:

  1. A telephone discussion to get acquainted.
  2. Web-based demonstration of successfully completed projects (with client permission).
  3. In-person visit whenever feasible.
  4. A proof of concept prototype (free-of-charge), consisting of our basic understanding, thoughts and ideas on the project.
  5. A pilot project (at a fixed price), consisting of the overall system design and getting a portion of it working, which can typically be completed in two to six weeks. UTS will give you a schedule for completing the full project and a fixed price quotation at the end of the pilot project.
  6. Full project development and implementation.

Customers get what they are looking for in a creative, timely and cost effective manner.

Previous Work

Examples of successfully completed custom software development projects are listed below. Proprietary work is not included.

  • Chemical engineering design manual for DuPont - online text and graphics, fully computerized, containing over 200 mathematical models and linking to thermo physical properties of over 1700 compounds
  • Multi-year project for a major automotive company for the development of an expert system to design an automotive transmission system
  • Special project for the US Army
  • Fully integrated web-based ERP system developed for a major consumer buying club, tying together over 100 remote locations with the home office, including a complete work flow system and custom developed CRM
  • Web-based product sales configurator for the marketing department of a gear box manufacturing company
  • Rule-based product sales configurators and quotation system for Cooper B-Line
  • Preliminary design of plastic gears - a web-based design tool developed as a joint project for two companies
  • Custom-developed, extensive web-based surveys taken by thousands of US government employees
  • Engineering automation system using pro/Engineer and a UTS-developed knowledge base. This system automatically builds 3-D models of parts and creates 2-D drawings. What used to take 25 hours in pro/E can now be done in less than one hour — and is done right every time

With UTS as your partner, you get efficiency and creativity, as well as technological Innovation delivered at the right time and at the right price.