Designing with Plastic
Ticona LLC, the worldwide supplier of plastic resins, asked UTS to create an interactive version of “Designing with Plastic: The Fundamentals,” a general-purpose reference manual for both experienced plastic products designers and design engineers new to plastics. Both the manual and the interactive version developed by UTS covered issues relating to the full range of Ticona products—crystalline, amorphous, liquid crystalline, and elastomeric polymers. It covered physical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, as well as environmental considerations, structural analysis, design considerations for injection-molded parts, assembly, and even machining, finishing and decorating.
That meant lots of charts, graphs and other graphics—and dozens of TK Solver models, all of them backsolvable and with one-stop units management. That meant engineers could use the models to easily test a variety of what-if scenarios limited only by what they knew. It encouraged them, in other words, to broaden their understanding. Hypertext links throughout made it easy to follow a line of inquiry wherever it led.
“Designing with Plastic” helped many engineers to a better understanding of plastics—and introduced them to Ticona products.