Bolted Joint Designer
Textronís Camcar division, based in Rockford, Illinois, came to hometown company UTS when it wanted a way to share design standards for bolted joints in the company.
The resulting application, developed with Visual Basic and UTSís own TK Solver, creates everything a Camcar-Textron engineer or machine operator needs to analyze a threaded fasteneróan engineering sketch; plots and data tables for torque tension, the joint diagram, bolt fatigue, and bolted joint design safety factors; and a bolt preload analysis. All the operator has to do is enter the dimensional data for the bolt, washer, and other aspects of the design. The user also selects the material grade.
The whole thing operates in an attractive, user-friendly interface, with an explanatory diagram of the joint to indicate exactly what dimension is being entered, and a row of buttons for selecting the various joint components for which inputs are required.
The bolted-joint designer handles all three types of threaded fastener assemblies.
With a couple of minor upgrades, the bolted joint designer has been functioning well for Camcar-Textron for five years.