CalcEdge™ is the new Cloud based platform that enables authors and domain experts using TK Solver 6.0 to leverage their domain knowledge and effortlessly create and share calculations globally. The author gets complete control over who can access his or her calculations and for how long. End users enjoy immediate access to a pool of rich apps directly from their browsers. Moreover, the CalcEdge IOS and Android Apps extend access to calculations through the mobile platforms. Visit for more information on how to register for free and gain access to a new world of calculations.

Posting To CalcEdge

Ready Access

It provides a platform for domain specialists (academicians, students or technology experts) to create ‘Calculation Models’ or ‘Calculation Packs’ (group of calculations) using a well-established and time tested product - TK Solver. Calculations created using TK Solver can be ‘posted’ to the CalcEdge™ cloud server for immediate access by end-users.


Calculations and CalcPacks can be accessed not only via browsers, but also from your favorite Android or IOS device (mobile phone or tablet)

Highly Secure

The technology is inherently secure. The actual logic or equations contained in the calculations need not be exposed. Only relevant parts of a calculation such as input and output values, tables, plots, images, and descriptive text need to be exposed to end-users. Moreover, each model can be presented to end-users via a professional looking customized interface created using the CalcEdge™ designer called MathLook provided with TK Solver 6.0. There is absolutely no programming required.


CalcEdge™ provides an ideal e-commerce platform to professionals who want to commercialize their calculations or calculation packs for any domain. Authors can conveniently manage their applications through their online CalcEdge™ account and the CalcEdge™ Wizard provided with TK Solver 6.0. Authors remain in complete control of their intellectual property and can readily manage access privileges to their calculations and calculation packs.

Rich End-User Experience

Complete with version control, support forums for each calculation for end users and authors to communicate and flexible usage and time based access control, CalcEdge™ offers a compelling environment for both authors and end-users.

Ideal for User-Groups

Academicians and Corporate users can readily create specialized user groups that remain private and ensure that only members within the group have access to calculations. Ideal for a departmental, classroom or focus group setting.

Corporate Deployment Option

CalcEdge™ is offered by UTS as a public cloud implementation and also as a private cloud installation for corporate customers who may want to secure their intellectual property within their corporate servers. In a private cloud setting the entire server is re-created for the corporate customer and physically hosted at the customer’s site as a parallel cloud implementation. By design, a private cloud installation of CalcEdge™ cannot be publicly accessed and is fully secured for internal domain users.