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Some of the UTS partners who have developed creative applications using TK Solver

Bill Smith

William G. “Bill” Smith

President, Enviro/Sci Corporation, SouthEast, Pennsylvania, USA

Bill Smith is an expert in design troubleshooting and optimizing waste water treatment plants with over 40 years of experience. TK Solver is such an important part of his work that since 1984 he has been using it nearly 7 days a week, 365 days per year! He has developed over 300 mathematical models using TK for every facet of this subject area from the analysis of equipment or process to help the sewage treatment plant operators optimize their systems. For these plants it is important to meet the permit requirements issued by the government to make sure that they are in full compliance with the regulations.


Bill has developed a number of applications that are now available on, the cloud platform from UTS on a subscription basis. UTS and Bill Smith share in the revenues received from customers subscribe to these applications.

Bill has also developed a number of web based interactive e-Learning courses to train the waster water treatment operating personnel that are available through the cloud platform.

Darril Aronowitz

Darril Aronowitz

Consulting Engineer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Darril’s work has involved the design of high lift mine dewatering columns since 1990 which includes pump selection, water hammer and pipe stress analysis, column wall thickness grading, pump nozzle and support load determination to achieve ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code compliance.

Darril is one of the most skilled persons in the use of TK Solver for desktop or cloud based applications. He is also very good at using Excel and TK Solver in combination with Excel being used as a “Dashboard” while most of the logic and mathematical / engineering formulas are set up in TK Solver. He calls it a “Dream combination” for application development, saving him significant time when developing powerful applications for the design of water and slurry transportation systems for deep mining and process operations etc. His cloud-based applications are set up on the CalcEdge platform of UTS and are available on a subscription basis to users anywhere in the world.

Darril uses TK Solver and Flowmaster to Excel interfaces to simulate complex flow reticulation systems. The development of a comprehensive hydraulic grade line application for slurry designs using TK Solver, CalcEdge, MS Excel and MS Access is currently under development

tk solver excel

CalcEdge Application showing the use of the Moody Chart for pipe friction loss calculations

James Sobek

James S. Sobek

Jim Sobek has a degree in physics and is also a licensed Professional Engineer Indiana (USA). His previous professional experience was as a Research Physicist at the Naval Avionics Center developing missile guidance systems.

Jim is an expert in Accident Reconstruction (forensic science) and is employed at Wolf Technical in Indianapolis. The patent was awarded for my development of much of the optical hardware and aerial image processing technology used in that system.

Jim Sobek is a true fan of TK Solver and has been using it since 1984. He has set up mathematical models based on kinetic energy, lighting, geometry and many other aspects to analyze and reconstruct an accident. His services are used in court cases to determine which party is at fault in an accident. There is hardly a case in which Jim’s client does not win because his analysis is so thorough and logical. TK Solver is an integral part of his work.

beam projection
eam projectionb

In 2007 Jim Sobek formed a company called Clearly Visible Presentations, LLC. The mission of the company is to teach the principles and techniques of optics, lighting, visibility and digital photography to technical professionals world-wide.

Accident reconstruction module: Click Here

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