Electrical Engineering SolverPack (Standalone)

This application requires TK Solver. See special bundle pricing where appropriate.

Electrical Engineering -- Based on Fink & Beaty's Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, this SolverPack covers wye-delta transformations, transfer functions, transistor amplifier performance, unilateral and bilateral design, bypass capacitors, filter design, and impedance.Topics Covered

Wye-Delta Transformations
Microstrip Calculations
Frequency Response of a Transfer Function
Transistor Amplifier Performance
Unilateral Design
Bilateral Design
Smith Chart Conversions
Class A Transistor Amplifier
Resistive Attenuator Design
Wire Table
Parallel Resistors
Standard Resistor Values
Bypass Capacitor Calculation
Power-Supply Interruption
Schmitt Trigger Design
Resistor Color Codes
Reactance Chart
Passive High- and Low-Pass Composite Filter Design
Active Filter Design
Butterworth Filter Design
Reactive Network Impedance Matching
Coil Calculations
Transmission-Line Impedance
Transmission-Line Exact Calculation
Transmission-Line Approximate Calculation
RC Timing
Ohm's Law
Complex Arithmetic
Coordinate Conversion Calculations

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